This little number from a few years back, the sweetness of twenty eleven.

Kym Slark Design with Andrew John

It’s so easy to forget what really matters in life, love, care and time come and go so fast you often miss appreciating what you have.

This past year, I have received everything I ever wanted.

To be loved, respected and cared for like I never thought I would be.

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First ‘somewhat’ shoot for the year…. 36 weeks pregnant so limited movement is a big hold back on attempting to get too creative. If I’d of got down too far, I’d probably still be sprawled on the ground of the skate park currently, fun times!

This will be my year of getting back in the game, after spending a fair majority of 2013 being large and uncomfortable I can’t wait to pick up that long lost ball and regain some knowledge and experience. Woo!

Just need to get this growth out firstly…
let’s do it lady parts, I’m getting restless!

2014 will be the year of fun shoots, pretty ladies, gorgeous kids and perhaps the odd wedding or two – play time!

So. Much. Noise.

Finally, we have gone live with the online store, woo! The troops seem to enjoy, several items have been purchased to boot including heading off by post to the US of A, New Zealand and of course our little slice of paradise, Australia. Little warm, fuzzy feeling that people want to buy my designs! Thrilled? Well, yes!

This was the beginning for me, 
ever since I was at school - 
I loved drawing and being creative..... 
I try anyway!

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More and MORE will be added over time, my work is not that extravagant, however, it makes me happy. Always a plus! I’m currently on leave from photography/videography so something has to keep me occupied, art is it. It doesn’t require me to waddle my 3rd trimester pregnant self around too much – bliss!

So please, go ahead, check it out, let me know your thoughts…
I love a bit of feedback as much as the next person, and if you so feel the urge,
buy yourself a little something something.



Thanks again beautiful followers/readers/lovers of all things different – Kym x

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My beautiful son, Jye. He is my love, my life and my hero. I love him dearly and anything he does in life will make me the proudest Mum on Earth. We have overcome all of the odds together and have come out better as a team, I couldn’t imagine my life being without him, he is an inspiration and the best gift I ever received. 

I will always love you Jye, you’re a muppet… but you are my muppet! x

brochure example

So, the price list has finally had a do-over and we have introduced some sweet little 
wedding videography packages that are a little more "toned down" 
than the over the top wedding videography experience.
Kym Slark Design will no longer be filming entire ceremonies or speeches as honestly, it was never really my direction for the finished product that you receive. The final feature is way too long making changeover time reasonable yet to me, not quick enough (come on, we all want to see our wedding photos/video asap… am I right?!) My original direction that I wanted to take was the “fun and exciting” highlight feature that I have found myself giving as a bonus because I just HAD to make it regardless… which of course, is work overload!

In cutting my packages down it has allowed me to be more flexible with pricing, filming time, changeover and of course, quality! All of our wedding pricing is negotiable within reason to suit the couples needs. For example, perhaps you want your day filmed from the bride getting ready, you aren’t fussed whether the groom is filmed before the ceremony (apparently, the guys can be boring?!) – you want ceremony snippets, reception arrival, first dance and only an hour or so of party footage. There’s no package to suit that down to a tee, so I would take our GOLD package which is full coverage and knock some cost off for you. Done!

Shoot me an email:

to receive your copy of the gorgeous, now up to date PDF pricing brochure or use the form under the contact tab. If you have any questions regarding any of the packages, prices or our work – just yell out!

Thanks muchly guys x